Studio Em Dash

Studio Em Dash is a typography consultancy run by Min-Young Kim. We provide variety of type-related services focused on CJK-Latin
multiscript environment such as type development project management, typographic researches, matching font proposals, marketing strategies, and more. We also write articles and books, give lectures, and plan workshops regarding CJK-Latin typography.

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Min-Young Kim
is a trilingual typography consultant, project manager, and a researcher specializing in CJK-Latin typography. After completing her Master's degree at Musashino Art University on history & modern usages of CJK-Latin multiscript typesetting, Min developed her career in font business as a type project manager at Japanese type foundries: Morisawa and Fontworks. She established Studio Em Dash in 2020, with a focus on multilingual type development and typographical consultancy.  

Work experience

2020~            Established Studio Em Dash
2018-2019     Project & marketing manager at Fontworks Inc.
2016-2018     Type project manager at Morisawa Inc.


MFA Musashino Art University Visual Communication Design
BFA Hong-Ik University Visual Communication Design

Side note

  • Min-Young goes by Min for short.
  • Min is a big animal lover, and she has a professional dog trainer license issued from Karen Pryor Academy.
  • Em Dash is also a name of Min’s beloved black Cockapoo dog. 🐕‍🦺
  • Enjoys pilates and boxing.
  • Min is an ENTJ.

Photography by Jinsol Kim

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